SeminarLet’s face it, opportunities to connect with decision makers on a unique and personal level can be few and far between.

Your ProScout Lead Scout will create and manage your next value based event from start to finish, allowing your sales and marketing teams an opportunity to focus all efforts on working the room and accelerating towards the next close.

What’s a value based event?

  • Lunch and Learn
  • Seminar
  • Happy Hour
  • Open House

How does it work?

  • Our ProScout Data Scout will assist with creating and culling your invitation list.
  • Your ProScout Lead Scout will reach out personally to your invitation list using our Telephone Scouting.
  • ProScout will leverage our network of strategic partners and business connections to establish venues, presenters and catering for your event.
  • While ProScout manages and M.C.’s your event, you and your team work the room.
  • Following the event, your ProScout Lead Scout will follow up through Telephone Scouting and cultivate opportunities.
  • We then provide you with the opportunities to close and convert!

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